Raffay is an investment group with early stage venture capital and real estate as its focus. Raffay’s early stage investment activities have previously been carried out via RI Digital and Raffay & Cie.. For all future investments in this field, Raffay works closely together with b-to-v Partners.


RI Digital Ventures

Raffay, together with RI Digital, has invested in more than 30 young internet ventures so far and is always looking for new exciting ideas.

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Raffay Media Ventures

Raffay Media Ventures is a Berlin-based Venture Capital management company. We design, setup and manage investment funds for leading German and European media groups. Each fund is customer tailored to the individual needs of our partners based on our extensive knowledge in Media for Equity and traditional Venture Capital.

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Real Estate

We are investing predominantly in residential property. Our portfolio consists mainly of “Gründerzeit” buildings. Those houses are well perceived from the tenants and are attractive to live in. Our locations are carefully chosen after the demographic forecast geared to long-term profitability.

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The two closest cooperation partners of Raffay are
btov partners and GMPVC German Media Pool.

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